There are a ton of different workout routines out there depending on your goals as a lifter.

Most people swear by PPL (Push Pull Legs), which is typically a 6 day a week bodybuilding program. If you were to do it your week would look like PPLxPPL each week, which is a lot of volume and time in the gym!

There are also routines based around the Upper/Lower which has each day focused on the upper or lower body.  It can have similar volume to PPL.

Full body workout routines are great for beginners, and typically are three day per week workouts. If you are new to lifting these are a great place to start learning. As you get stronger, these become less of an option though.

I highly recommend using a pair of weightlifting shoes for all your compound lifts in these routines. They add so much stability to each lift which makes it more safe and enjoyable.